Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Building a data store API with PHP (1)

What I want to do is try to use PHP to build a web application so that you can create JSON objects and stored in a PHP server.

The design is try to make it simple and generic.

These are some of the API functions.

1. New(json) --> You can create a completely new Object and store it into the server. A new Id supposed to be returned.

2. Wash(id, json) --> Empty fields, attributes and relations in an object.

3. Add(id, json) --> Just add new attributes and relations without delete the existing old data.

4. Mine(id, json) --> Just replace all attributes and relations with my data.

5. Your(id, json) --> Just add new attributes and relations if it does not exists.

6. Kill(id) --> Completed remove an object.

7. Query(json) --> Get a list of ids with given condition. 

8. Obtain(id[]) --> get a array of records based on the list of ids.

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