Saturday, April 7, 2012

Create Android App with AndEngine.

1. Download and install latest MotoDev (3.1) for Android 

2. Install latest ADK(4.0.3) and ADK tools (r17) from google site
  • In MotoDev-->help-->Install new software. Type '' in work with field and Add.
  • Follow the steps shown on computer to get the latest ADK and tools.

3. Download AndEngine (4/7/2012) + Extensions Source code

4. Import those folders with source code to MotoDev

4. Makes sure AndEngineExamples have the following projects as libraries in Android property

5. And every extensions must have AndEngine as libraries.

6. Project-->Build All

7. Connect your cell phone thru USB.

8. In Project Explorer, right click on AndroidExample, select Run as --> Android Application
After a while, you will see AndEngine demo program running.

9. In case you cannot debug your app in your cell phone, try copy dx.jar to the platform-tools\lib\ folder and do step 8 again.
From : android-sdk\platforms\android-4\tools\lib\jx.jar
To: android-sdk\platform-tools\lib\dx.jar