Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to play Harvest Field?

- Make sure only number tiles filling in each grid cell by clearing out all the stones and special items.

Example of a completed puzzle:

Special Items
- You can easily remove a item just by pressing it. And the item special effect will be performed. Some kinds of effect may help you clear out the stones, but some effect may bring you more stones. To solve the puzzle, you need to press those items at right time.


Harvest Field Special Items List

Swipe number tiles
- You can get more special items by earning gold. For example, a new special item will be dropped each time you earned $50. One of the way to earn gold is by swiping over or more different number tiles. The longer number sequence you swiped, the more gold you can get.

  • 3 number tiles swiped = stone/star/question mark.
  • 4 number tiles swiped = 10% gold
  • 5 number tiles swiped = 100% gold
  • 6 number tiles swiped = 200% gold

Each time you accumulatively get $50, you will get a new random special item.

If you can gain $36 or more gold just after you have used an effect or swiped a number tiles sequence, a star will be broken.

Want a changelle?
How quick do you think that you can solve the Harvest Field puzzle? In the ranking game, your complete time will be posted to the global ranking list. You may compare your time result with those players all over the world.

Facebook group for Harvest Field
We have opened a facebook group to let us discuss everything about this game in future. e.g. How to use the each special item? Please come and check it. Harvest Field Facebook Discussion Group

Harvest Field is available in Android Market now.

QR Code for installation

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