Thursday, December 23, 2010

Postpone: Harvest Field

Most likely, we cannot put the Harvest Field to Android Market before Christmas, but we try our best

To do list:
1. Finalize the wording in the tutorial.
2. Completed - Finalize the sound file size.
3. Protect the code.
4. Completed - Finalize the Score screen after the completed all 7 level.
5. Completed - Finalize the Game-Over screen. (Show a wisdom statement if you lost the game :)).
6. Completed - Change the about.html -> our webpage.
7. Completed - Credit and Thank you page.

8. List out the feature of Free and Full version. Target resolution is 480 X 720.
Full version

- (Completed) New items (+ 3 more new items didn't shown in Free Version)
(House->Tower) - A column with 3+ stones will be removed.
(Fish->Boat) - Remove the bottommost row and all 5+ numbers.
(Helm->Wisdom) - All items next to a stone -> star.
- Ranking system considering with Gold & Time.
- Ranking History.
- (Completed) More background.
- Menu + Tutorial Game and Ranked Game.

9. For free version,
- Set a link to Android Market in both main screen and game complete screen.
- Test it in Nexus (480x800) and tablet.

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